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The Chinese lunar new year is the year of the snake.   It sure is in Florida !  I've gotten many emails to update you guys on our big snake hunt.  The Python Challenge attracted about 1500 hunters from all over and at the end of the hunt (Feb.10) sixty-eight pythons had been eradicated from our Everglades.  Had they been able to hunt in the Everglades National park, there would have probably been more successful.  With that many people hunting and only 68 caught tells you how elusive these snakes really are.  They are so well-adapted here and as you walk along, you can actually step on one without knowing it was there.  According to the National Academy of Sciences, rabbits and raccoon have completely vanished from the Everglades.  Possums are down 98% and bobcats 88%.  If we don't do something, there will be nothing BUT these snakes (and some alligators) in the Everglades.  It's not their fault they are there.   Some people put them out when they get too big for a pet.   There is a hypothesis that during hurricane Andrew, thousands escaped snake farms in the area.  Whatever, it's getting to be a dangerous place.  I feel sorry for the snakes but as food declines in the Everglades, guess where the snakes will go for it -- yards where your pets and children are.  Florida has asked Congress for help but all they say is "it's Florida's problem. ( Invasive Pythons Aren't Just Florida's Problem --   They will expand to other places that can support them.   They are excellent swimmers too... how do you think they got to Key West?  And they are reported to already be in the panhandle of Florida... watch out Southern USA. 

Map of Current Range for Potential Burmese Python Survival

This python is trying to eat a Gator

Python 15 Feet Long, and 162 Pounds

We have a Venom 1 Team in Miami (attached to the Miami-Dade Fire Dept) who's job it is to go out when people spot unwanted snakes and animals in their yards.   They keep many types of anti-venom so whenever anyone is bitten, they are there.  Many people would die without this team and you can watch them work on Animal Planet's Swamp Wars.
Venom One - Miami's Snakebite Response Team

Welcome to The Python Hunters Website


Birthdays are put in as we received them. We try to get as close as we can to your actual birthday. If you wish your birthday in the Rainbow, please send about a week or two before your b'day and use this addy:
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BirthVerse :: Scripture Verse for your Birthday.

What happened in my birth year?

February Babies~Happy Birthday


 I Like Adoption - YouTube

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Don't miss this
Inspiring film: The Fork

1- You have to…
2- You can’t…..
3- What is your problem?
4- I’ll try, don’t know
5- I need you to…
6- We can’t do that

1- Will you…
2- Would you…
3- Can you tell me about the problem?
4- Let me find out
5- Could you?
6- What we can do is…



Never let your children surf the net alone. Always check links from this column. I have checked them but they can be hacked between the time I put them in and the time you read this.

 Top 10 World Heritage Sites for Kids -- National Geographic - Cool Spots

Mama Mirabelle . Funstuff . Printable Activities | PBS KIDS

Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids

 An example of good parenting

PARENT's Links
Chips, Sodas Out, Healthier Fare In With New School Snack Rules - MedicineNet

Why Can Some Kids Handle Pressure While Others Fall Apart? -

You don't have to let them in
12 Weirdest Toys Coming To Your Child's Bedroom This Year, Featured At Toy Fair 2013 (PHOTOS)

This is imperative
BrightNest | Create an Emergency Escape Plan


Today the SS United States sits waiting for Americans to help restore her.
Read and see more:  SS United States in The Daily, 9/23/2012

SS United States Conservancy I want to Help

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JMcCornack's World
Sunlit Ice

Night of Solid Ice

John...keeper of memories for all of us

Sometimes I wonder things out of the blue like
why does toilet paper need a commercial?
Who isn't buying it?

Can you pass a driver's test?
 Could You Pass a Driving Test? From Auto

Best Credit Cards for 2013

IRS Free Electronic Tax Filing Program Now Open
The IRS starts tax filing season with Free File, an electronic
filing program for taxpayers.

Free eBooks - All Our Classic Books and Novels

How to do a free online background check - Tips, Reviews and Advice on All Things Digital - The Kim Komando Radio

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity Theft's Taxing New Trend: Scammers Are After Your Tax Refund - DailyFinance

It's smart to hire veterans - YouTube

Thank God our daughters are American.  By watching this video, Hoshyar Foundation will give $5,000.00 to help these young girls.  Hoshyar-Foundation --


5 free tools to erase your Web tracks -, Website for The Kim Komando Radio Show®, Komando Downloads

Why Facebook may want to track your location -

Difference between http and https-- GREAT information!
Once in a while, there is something that comes down
the pike that is of real importance.
What is the difference between http and https?

Don't know how many of you are aware of this
difference, but it is worth sending to any who do not.

The main difference between http:/// and https:// is it's
all about keeping you secure.
HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

The S (big surprise) stands for "Secure."
If you visit a website or web page, and look at the address in
the web browser, it will likely begin with the
following: http://.
This means that the website is talking to your browser
using the regular "unsecured" language. In other
words, it is possible for someone to "eavesdrop" on
your computer's conversation with the website. If you
fill out a form on the website, someone might see the
information you send to that site.

This is why you never ever enter your credit card number
in an http website!
But if the web address begins with https://,
that basically means your computer is talking to
the website in a secure code that no one can eavesdrop on.

If a website ever asks you to enter your credit card
information, you should automatically look to see if the
web address begins with https://.

If it doesn't, you should NEVER enter sensitive information...
....such as a credit card number, SS #, etc.


My asthma doctor told me never to have gas in the house as escaped gas irritates asthma
Cooking on Back Burners Better for Indoor Air? - MedicineNet

A different kind of garden
Dakuwaqa's Garden - Underwater footage from Fiji & Tonga - YouTube

eNature: Gardening

"Rainbow Eucalyptus trees on Maui, Hawaii The phenomenon is caused by patches of bark peeling off at various times and the colors are indicators of age. A newly shed outer bark reveals bright greens which darken over time into blues and purples and then orange and red tones."
Rainbow Eucalyptus - YouTube


This site has saved many women by making them aware.   Please share this informational site which my friend, Ray Clark, keeps updated with the latest info on ovarian cancer. 
Charlotte Faye Clark Memorial Ovarian Cancer Symptoms Website

Skin self-exam: How to do - YouTube

Flu symptom relief - YouTube

Newest info says take Tylenol with FOOD ALWAYS
Many Americans Taking Too Much Acetaminophen - MedicineNet

ACLU takes on the DEA for seeking prescription records without a warrant | The Raw Story

6 Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women video: iDoctor: Could a smartphone be the future of medicine?

This link is a keeper - Drug Information & Side Effects Database

My doctor has cut down her practice to 3 days a week due to Obamacare
'Obamacare' health care reform ALREADY forcing doctors to close practices - Washington Times

State lacks doctors to meet demand of national healthcare law -,0,1509396.story


Welcome To My Flash Music Pages

Floyd Cramer, Duane Eddy, Boots Randolph - Waltz of the Wind.wmv - YouTube

The Girls That Everybody Knew"By "Billy 'Crash'Craddock - YouTube

Cees House ~CeeDees Wav's~

Michael Bublé - "Haven't Met You Yet" [Official Music Video] - YouTube

Blessed are the purr and grrr of heart.

The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.
~ Andy Rooney

Cat Scratching Furniture, Stop Cat Scratching, Scratching Posts, and More

Top Cat-Themed Songs

Dealing with Dogs with Fears of Thunder, Sounds, or Noises -

Way to go Joe !

Westminster's Best in Show is Banana Joe -,0,6644474.story

Affenpinscher Club of America

Westminster's Cutest Faces -

AMAZING two-leg cat
Caffrey the amazing two legged cat - YouTube

I knew it !
Your dog really does understand you... They're more likely to steal food if they think you can't see, research reveals

Arlene's Angels
If you love and wish to protect cats, this is the place for you.
Contact Arlene at
Please put "subscription request, Sheri sent me" in the subject line
To subscribe - send a blank e-mail with "I would like to subscribe!" in the subject line to
K9WebWorld ~The E-Zine for Dog Lovers

All Ready!

Atchafalaya National Heritage Area - English Version - YouTube

How to Be Safe on a Cruise Ship - Health and Safety, Travel, Trip Hazards - AARP

Historic Florida Road Trip - Southern Living

Yosemite Nature Notes - 15 - Moonbows - YouTube

May the spatula be with you.....
In Sheri's kitchen, I preheat memory.
I fold in old friends with new.
I bake a good laugh.

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience."
-James Beard (1903-1985)

Food News

The benefits of whole-grain foods depend on the rest of the ingredients. - Nutrition -

BBC - Travel - Tracing fondue’s mysterious origins : Food & Drink, Switzerland

To see whether your eggs are fresh, place them in a tall water container. If the egg rises off the bottom, it is not safe to eat.

For those times when you want to impress

European Horse Meat Scandal Not Likely to Happen in U.S. - ABC News

Supermarket Guru - Soy Sauce and Tamari 101

''High-glycemic'' foods tied to diabetes risk | Reuters

Homemade Chicken Stock or Broth

Vegetable Broth Recipes - Homemade Hot Soup Stocks Broth Recipes

Slow-Cooker Chicken & Dumplings

Chinese New Year Recipes : Recipes and Cooking : Food Network

Gumbo For All Seasons - Coastal Living

Best Bread Pudding Recipe - YouTube

100 Best Classic Comfort Food Recipes - Southern Living

Some night when they least expect it, surprise your family with these
Our Best Buttermilk Biscuits - Southern Living

Jokes and Cartoons

Glen, why do you always get so dirty? Asked the teacher.
Well, I'm a lot closer to the ground than you are. He replied

A professor of clinical psychology at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, included a lecture on crowd
psychology in his annual course. To illustrate mass hysteria, he regularly showed TV news footage of teenage crowds
greeting the Beatles at the local airport in the 1960's. One year, when he ran the footage, he heard squeals and bursts of laughter from his students.

When the film ended he asked what had caused the hilarity. Replied one student, "We recognized some of our mothers!"

How Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord Ps33:12

 Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America”

Diamond Rio: In God We Still Trust -

"If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under."- Ronald Reagan

Billy Graham's Prayer For Our Nation
'Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your Forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know Your Word Says, 'Woe to those who call evil good,' but that is exactly what we have Done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values. We Have exploited the poor and called it the lottery. We have rewarded Laziness and called it welfare. We have killed our unborn and called it Choice. We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable... We have Neglected to discipline our children and called it building self esteem. We Have abused power and called it politics. We have coveted our neighbor's Possessions and called it ambition. We have polluted the air with profanity And pornography and called it freedom of expression. We have ridiculed the Time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment. Search Us, Oh God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from sin and Set us free.
In Jesus name, amen!' With the Lord's help, may this prayer sweep over our nation and Wholeheartedly become our desire so that we once again can be called 'One Nation under God!'

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