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When I got married, my Mama told me marriage is like a garden---you have to weed it, fertilize it and take care of it every day.

After I had my twins, my mama gave me another good piece of advice---PAY AS MUCH ATTENTION TO YOUR HUSBAND as you do those girls.

I wonder how many relationships could benefit from Mama's advice?   If you are lucky enough to find love, nurture it. 

I noticed a piece of information in Reader's Digest some time back.   They did a poll and found that 92% of women and 90% of men consider themselves good communicators.
When women are asked if their partner is a good communicator, 33% say NO.
When men are asked the same question, 25% say NO.
Clearly, we still have work to be done... smile.

Try to make your special someone happy
Make Someone Happy, by Jimmy Durante - YouTube

Hell must have frozen over cuz this just ain't right.  


Valentines Day Quotes - YouTube

Cute Valentine Day Quotes and Sayings - YouTube

Love Collection - National Geographic

" Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall in love with a gorgeous redhead."
Lucille Ball

Instructions For A Bad Day - YouTube

“A woman in love can't be reasonable--or she probably wouldn't be in love.”
--The Fabulous Mae West

Valentine's Day Video —

"Woman knows when a man is in love with her – before man has even a clue about it." -- Marilyn Monroe

Maybe you shouldn't use these poems
Southern Humorists - Bad Love Poem Contest at Southern

"There are two things money can't buy, true love and home grown tomatoes?" author unknown

Science of Love: Kissing — Video

"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul." Judy Garland

Love, The Thing Called Love, multimedia - National Geographic Magazine

Amoraphobia:-Fear of love

A minute of love is better than a lifetime without it. Even if you lose it later on, the fragrance and memories of a moment of love itself is enough to sweeten up your whole life. So dare to love and learn to let go.
--author unknown

Kids On Love: What Is It? (VIDEO)

The Power of Love


Never let your children surf the net alone. Always check links from this column. I have checked them but they can be hacked between the time I put them in and the time you read this.


Valentine Song with Lyrics | Valentines Day Songs for Children - YouTube

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown - Used Valentine - YouTube

6 romantic movies featuring critters in love | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Valentines Day for Kids

Kids...funny questions to ask your friends

Q: What do squirrels give for Valentine's Day?
A: Forget-me-nuts.

Q: What did the valentine card say to the stamp?
A: Stick with me and we'll go places!

Q: What did the stamp say to the envelope?
A: I'm stuck on you.

Q: Did Adam and Eve ever have a date?
A: No, but they had an apple.

Q: What did the boy octopus say to the girl octopus?
A: Can I hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand? Valentine Joke

Q: What did one snake say to the other snake?
A: Give me a little hug and a hiss, honey.

Q: Why did the banana go out with the prune?
A: Because it couldn't get a date.

Q: What is a ram's favorite song on February 14th?
A: I only have eyes for ewe, dear

Q: What travels around the world but stays in one corner?
A: A stamp.

Q: What happens when you fall in love with a French chef?
A: You get buttered up.

Q: What is a vampire's sweetheart called?
A: His ghoul-friend.

Q: If your aunt ran off to get married, what would you call her?
A: Antelope.

Q: What do farmers give their wives on Valentine's Day?
A: Hogs and Kisses!

Q: What did Frankenstein say to his girlfriend?
A: "Be my valenstein!"

Q: Do skunks celebrate Valentine's Day?
A: Sure, they're very scent-imental!

Q: What does a man who loves his car do on February 14?
A: He gives it a Valenshine!

Girl: "I can't be your valentine for medical reasons."
Boy: "Really?"
Girl: "Yeah, you make me sick!"

Q: Why is Valentine's Day the best day for a celebration?
A: Because you can really party hearty!

Q: What did the cholcolate syrup say to the ice cream?
A: "I'm sweet on you!"

Q: Why did the pig give his girlfriend a box of candy?
A: It was Valenswine's Day!

Q: What do you call a very small valentine?
A: A valentiny!

Q: Why did the stupid boy put clothes on the valentines he was sending?
A: Because they needed to be ad-dressed!

Q: What did the painter say to her boyfriend?
A; "I love you with all my art!"

Q: What did the French chef give his wife for Valentine's Day?
A: A hug and a quiche!

Q: Why should you send your sweetie a valentine?
A: Because you always heart the one you love!

Q: What is a ram's favorite song?
A:I only have eyes for ewe, Dear

Q: What did the caveman give his wife on Valentine's Day?
A: Ughs and kisses!

Q: What did the boy sheep say to the girl sheep on Valentine's Day?
A: I Love Ewe!

Q: What did the boy owl say to the girl owl on Valentine's Day?
A: Owl be yours!

Q: What kind of flowers do you never give on Valentine's Day?
A: Cauliflowers!

Q: What did the boy squirrel say to the girl squirrel on Valentine's Day?
A: I'm nuts about you!

Q; What did the girl squirrel say to the boy squirrel on Valentine's Day?
A: You're nuts so bad yourself!

Q: What did the paper clip say to the magnet?
A: I find you very attractive.

Q: What did the bat say to his girlfriend?
A: You're fun to hang around with.

Q: What did one light bulb say to the other?
A: I love you a whole watt!

Q: What did the elephant say to his girlfriend?
A: I love you a ton!

Q: What did the chocolate syrup say to the ice cream?
A: I'm sweet on you!

Q: Did you hear about the nearsighted porcupine?
A: He fell in love with a pin cushion!

Q: What did the pencil say to the paper?
A: I dot my i's on you!

Q: What did one pickle say to the other?
A: You mean a great dill to me.

Valentines Day |®

And they threw the lunches away.   I can't believe anyone would do that !
Utah Elementary School Takes Lunches from Children | The Braiser

This would be nice for ALL states
NJ Senators Agree School Choice Is One Solution To Failing SchoolsWatchdog Wire – New Jersey

Multiplication Worksheets and Timestables Fact Printables

Be aware what your children are learning at school
Dr. Duke Pesta on Common Core and the Shocking Sexual Education Standards K-12 - YouTube

When my kids were born, they could not wear the Pamper like diapers because they were allergic.    I sure would have enjoyed this system !
FuzziBunz® Cloth Diaper Care System | Fuzzibunz Modern Cloth Diapers



Valentines Day Crafts, Games and Activities | green bean kindergarten

Valentine Dot to Dot

Valentine's Crafts - How to Make a Valentine's Day Butterfly

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JMcCornack's World


Spanish Cove Chocolate Delight

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Don't let anyone track you online -, Website for The Kim Komando Radio Show®, Komando Downloads

Former NSA employee makes tool to secure your email - Tips, Reviews and Advice on All Things Digital - The Kim Kom

Quickly test your Internet speed -, Website for The Kim Komando Radio Show®, Komando Downloads


Can You Guess Which Credit Card Gets the Most Complaints? | Money Talks News

Don't Buy These Things at a Dollar Store - YouTube

Where to Get Free Cell Service - YouTube

How to Find the Fastest ISP in Your Area

Research Gas Prices Online | Where to Find Cheap Gas - Consumer Reports


The Brain in Love

7 Reasons Love is Good for Your Heart - Heart Health Center - Everyday Health

Type in your state and find out how much you'll pay for Obamacare in your state.  THIS IS NOT THE OBAMACARE WEBSITE
Enrollment in Obamacare Exchanges: How Will Your Health Insurance Fare?

Obamacare enrollees hit snags at doctor's offices » News -- GOPUSA can’t handle appeals of enrollment errors - The Washington Post

KING-WA: WA Children Denied Access To Specialty Care At Hospital Due To ObamaCare Plan - YouTube

Patient Safety - ProPublica

Free Prescription Drugs

The Health Care Doctors Forgot: Why Ordinary Food Will Be the New Medicine of the Future | T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D

Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test, Values, and Interpretation Information - MedicineNet

Thing is, you still gotta do the prep  :(
Swallowable Camera Pill, A Peek Inside @ MDM 2013 - YouTube


The rose, representing love, is probably the only flower with a meaning that is universally understood.

How to Care for Valentine's Day Roses | eHow

How Does Sugar Affect Cut Roses? | eHow

Keep Spiders Away ~ My Slice of Sunday

HowStuffWorks "Home and Garden"


My favorite
My Valentine - Martina McBride & Jim Brickman - YouTube


Can't Help Falling In Love [Michael Bublé] - YouTube

Josh Groban - To Where You Are - YouTube

Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partiro (English lyrics translation) - YouTube

 Top 20 Best Romantic Love Songs - YouTube

The 50 Best Love Songs Of All Time - YouTube

Romantic Love Songs - Instrumental Hits - YouTube

Female Love Songs Collections - YouTube

 Run to You - Pentatonix - YouTube
Video Jukebox of songs from the 50s and early 60s with over 1,000 selections

Blessed are the purr and grrr of heart.

A mutt is couture — it’s the only one like it in the world, made especially for you.

~ Isaac Mizrahi

A box of chocolates....warning: May contain mutts

Smitten - Simon's Cat (A Valentine's Special) - YouTube

Valentine's Day: The Love of Animals - YouTube

Animals in Love - Wildlife Documentary Film - Part 01/09 - YouTube

This will warm your heart
Kids Read To Sheltered Cats And Everyone's Heart Collectively Melts

February is Pet Dental Health Month

Dog sees Dad after being gone over 6 months - YouTube

American Kennel Club Announces Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2013 - PawNation

To help disabled dog enjoy the great outdoors, man builds custom wagon | MNN - Mother Nature Network 

Why do cats love boxes so much? | MNN - Mother Nature Network

There's no getting over it ~
You Win Some You Lose Some

 How You Can Help Stray or Feral Cats - PawNation

Peacock Spider Dances to YMCA - YouTube

Somebody loves the snow
Toronto Zoo Giant Panda Enjoys Epic Snow Fall - YouTube

 Animal Planet: Pets Outnumber Children 4 to 1 in America | The Weekly Standard

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Romantic Vacation Ideas - Have a More Romantic Vacation - 50 Romantic Vacation Ideas

Travel Tip: Read This Before You Buy Preferred Seats

ALL the rivers in the United States on a single beautiful interactive map! : TreeHugger

Tips to Avoid Excruciating Ear Pain on Airplane Descent - The People's Pharmacy®

: How to Choose a Roadside-Assistance Plan | Travel & Recreation

Best of the West -

Tour Story – Intelligent Travel

Passport 101: How to apply, renew or replace

Everything You Need to Know About Passports -

New Study Shows Fliers More Fed Up Than Ever Before



 21 Truly Insane Stories Behind Your Favorite Foods
Are you eating pink slime and don't know it?
The meat industry likes to call it "lean finely textured beef," but after ABC News ran a story on it, the public just called it what it looks like — pink slime, a mixture of waste meat and fatty parts from higher-quality cuts of beef that have had the fat mechanically removed. Afterwards, it's treated with ammonia gas to kill Salmonella and E. coli bacteria. Then it gets added to ground beef as a filler. Food microbiologists and meat producers insist that it's safe, but given the public's reaction to the ABC News report, there's an "ick" factor we just can't overcome. The primary producer of pink slime just announced that it's closing three of the plants where pink slime is produced, and Kroger, Safeway, Food Lion, McDonald's and the National School Lunch Program (among others) have all pulled it from their product offerings.

Organic ground beef is prohibited from containing pink slime, per National Organic Program standards, so it's your safest bet. If you can't find organic, ask the butcher at your grocery store whether their products contain the gunk.

Cargill Rolls Out Labels for Some Finely Textured Beef Products | Food Safety News


I make chocolate covered strawberries every Valentine
How To Make Chocolate-Covered Strawberries - YouTube

And this is my "helper" who eats the final product

I bet your grandmother or mother made this cake and it's particularly good at Valentine.
I see no reason you couldn't use other fruits as well
1 box Pillsbury white cake mix
1 box strawberry jello
3/4 cup Wesson oil
3 large or 4 small eggs
1/2 C water
10 or 13 ounce frozen strawberries
Thaw berries and leave 1/4 cup of berries and juice aside to add to the frosting
Bake in 9 x 13 pan 350 degree oven
25 to 30 min
Use any butter cream frosting but add 1/4 c. berries

This is an old recipe and it's divine.   Make it with love

50 Best Chocolate Recipes |

Top 10 Chocolate Recipes | Taste of Home Recipes

16 Best Chocolate Recipes - Cooking Light

If you think chocolate can't be savory, you have never had mole sauce!
Kitchen Window — Chocolate: Out Of The Box, Into The Frying Pan : NPR

One time, we were at the Grand Canyon and stopped for lunch at a little place with lots of cars outside.   I saw waitresses carrying bowls of something hot and this delicious looking bread.   I looked around and everyone practically was eating the same thing.  So that's what I ordered and found out later this is the bread.   A Bison stew was in the bowl.  I ate every bite.

Indian Frybread

4 cups of flour
1 tbs. baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
2 tbs. powdered milk
1 ½ cups warm water
1 cup shortening
Extra flour to flour your hands

Put flour in bowl, add baking powder, salt and powdered milk. Mix.
Mix in warm water to form dough.
Cover hands in flour.
Knead dough by hand until soft but not sticky. Cover with a cloth and let stand for 15 minutes.
Shape dough into balls about 2 inches across then flatten by patting and stretching the dough.
Melt shortening (or lard) about an inch deep in frying pan. When hot put dough in pan. Fry one side till golden brown, then turn and fry the other.
This is a wonderful bread that can be used as a dessert by topping with honey, powdered sugar, etc. or can be used for main dishes such as topping with taco ingredients for an "Indian Taco".

Give me a sense of humor, Lord,
Give me the grace to see a joke,
To get some humor out of life,
And to pass it on to other folks.

Valentine's Day | Reader's Digest

If grownups have trouble figuring out what love is and where to find it in the right places, then maybe they should seek the wisdom of wee bairns:

"When you fall in love, I think you're supposed to get shot with an arrow or something, but the rest of it isn't supposed to be so painful." (Harlen, 8)

"Yesterday I kissed a girl in a private place... we were behind a tree." (Cary, 7)

"On the first date, most people tell each other lies, and that usually gets them interested enough to go for a second date." (Mike, 9)

"It's better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys need somebody to clean up after them." (Lynette, 9)

"Falling in love is like an avalanche where you have to run for your life." (Roger, 9)

"Lovers hold hands to make sure their rings don't fall off because they paid good money for them." (Dave, 8)

How Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord Ps33:12

Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America”

Diamond Rio: In God We Still Trust -

"If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under."- Ronald Reagan

All this time, I thought this was Billy Graham's prayer.  It isn't.
Billy Graham's Prayer for Our Nation

'Heavenly Father, we come before you today to ask your Forgiveness and to seek your direction and guidance. We know Your Word Says, 'Woe to those who call evil good,' but that is exactly what we have Done. We have lost our spiritual equilibrium and reversed our values. We Have exploited the poor and called it the lottery. We have rewarded Laziness and called it welfare. We have killed our unborn and called it Choice. We have shot abortionists and called it justifiable... We have Neglected to discipline our children and called it building self esteem. We Have abused power and called it politics. We have coveted our neighbor's Possessions and called it ambition. We have polluted the air with profanity And pornography and called it freedom of expression. We have ridiculed the Time-honored values of our forefathers and called it enlightenment. Search Us, Oh God, and know our hearts today; cleanse us from sin and Set us free.
In Jesus name, amen!' With the Lord's help, may this prayer sweep over our nation and Wholeheartedly become our desire so that we once again can be called 'One Nation under God!'

How Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord Ps33:12

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